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If you have written anything from a journal to a shopping list, you have experienced the power of expressive writing - to organize thoughts, release feelings, describe important moments, facilitate balance and calm, contain grief, and generate insight to help make sense of your life.

The power of expressive writing to change and enhance your life is not limited to therapy sessions.  Workshops are an ideal setting for generating creative energy through a combination of writing and group inspiration.

As a therapist trained as a group leader, and as a poet who participates in creative writing and poetry workshops, I understand how to harness this unique power for your personal growth

Workshops are designed for many purposes, using expressive writing prompts and techniques as guidelines for participant's work.  One workshop member said "I wrote my way out of trouble" about a workshop focused on writing about stressful events, based on the research model of James Pennebaker, Ph.D.  Other workshops explore personal narrative,  inhibitions about writing, using a journal more effectively or strengthening your voice.

Her are some examples of previous workshops:


                                          CURRENT WORKSHOPS



                                            RAW MATERIAL

                                 An Expressive Writing Workshop

Write your way into a new perspective by exploring the raw material of your life, using journal, memoir and research-based techniques.

This workshop will provide a secure environment to pursue the creativity, depth and power of expressive writing.

Why write?  Because writers, research, intuition and English teachers tell us that writing produces understanding, balance, better health and a stronger voice.

You will be interested in attending if:

  * you are experiencing or have experienced a stressful life situation

  *  you are a writer wanting to explore raw material, to generate writing for projects or for your creative writing workshop or your editor

   *  you want the opportunity to share your experience and writing in a confidential setting without being critiqued

* you are trying to make sense of a confusing, problematic life situation


Dates:  Monday evenings

             Nov. 2, 9, 16, 22  2015

Times:   6:30-8:00

Cost:     $110.00

Place:    120 Wayland Avenue, Suite 2

              Providence, RI  02906


To register, contact Mary Mueller at 401-273-8889 or




                                  Workshops for Therapists


My workshops are designed to familiarize therapists and other professionals with an overview of expressive writing and its potential use in their practices. Therapists often encourage clients to write – it somehow seems to make good clinical sense. These workshops offer the details - the techniques, the research, the literature and the cautions.

A writing workshop for therapists designed to epxlore the changes and stresses in the psychotherapy profession, their impact on us and methods to maintain balance and equilibrium.
Date:  Friday, Oct. 23, 2015
Time:  9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.
Place:  International House of RI, 8 Stimson Ave., Providence
Cost:  $70
CEUs:  3 from NASW
Contact Mary at 401 273-8889 or
An introductory workshop for mental health professionals to learn expressive writing techniques to fit client needs and practice style.  The workshp will include an overview of research, theory, case application resources  and  experiential writing.
Rhode Island College Continuing Education Series
Date. Nov. 13, 2015
Time:  9:00-12:00
3 CEUs
or contact Krista Handfield at
Ongoing Supervision Group using Reflective Writing .  Open to accepting new members.  Contact Mary at 401 273-8889 or
Previous Workshops for Psychotherapists:
2014  Presentation on Expressive Writing to Butler Hospital Social Work Interns
2012  Introduction to Expressive/Therapeutic Writing
2011  Clinical Application of Therapeutic Writing II & III
2010  Introduction to Threrapeutic Writing
2009  Therapeutic Writing:  Intuitive and Reflective Techniques
2009  Clinica Application of Therapeutic Writing II
2009  Introduction to Therapeutic Writing
2008  Clinical Application of Therapeutic Writing
2007  RIC Continuing Education - Introduction to Therapeutic Writing
2006  Introduction to Journal Writing and Therapy
Writing Retreats for Psychotherapists
2010 One day retreat at 5 Bridge Inn - 6 CEUs
2011  One day writing Retreat for Psychotherapists, Providence
2013  Weekend Retreat - Block Island, RI  12 CEUs



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